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We believe that people are what drive business. Without the right person in the right place, your business won't succeed. This is why we have invested in a variety of business areas - from tech companies to nutrition and commercial real estate.

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Our Investments



What is 10% energy savings or 30% increased production capacity worth to your industrial process?
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Indevex - natural nutrition


What benefits could easy, healthy nutrition have on your life?
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Commercial real estate in the Stockholm area.
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Nocart - Renewable energy


High quality green energy for all needs.
View Details Online consignment sales

How much simpler and more profitable can we make consignment sales?
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Qlucore - Analysis in an instant


What would quickly finding patterns in your big data sets mean to you?
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Unjo - Automation


How much can you save on customized motor control solutions?
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Uson Marine - marine waste management

Uson Marine

Is it possible to save the oceans from ecological breakdown while saving money?
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Investment Criteria



In small early phase ventures, people and their skills are more important than anything else. Hence, the future leadership structure through board and management must be defined prior to investment.


Customer Value

A unique product is interesting but not necessarily a must. The product or service must offer some kind of customer value that makes it easy to define the offering. The offering must be scalable, competitive and include some kind of know-how that makes it relatively difficult to copy.


Our Role

We do not invest in any specific field but we have a higher focus on energy and heavy industry as we have a better contact network in these areas. We also evaluate what value we can provide for the company. Finally we seek to have decisive control over the company.

About GLD Invest

GLD Invest is a private company investing in commercial growth projects. We invest our own money as well as advise investors on a case by case basis.

We also offer solutions for property development projects focused on the region around Stockholm. Read more.

GLD Invest is a member of the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA).


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